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Located at the information desk  you will find the following products and publications:


        140 pieces 12 €
         280 pieces 20 €
         560 pieces 30 €
Badges 0,50 €
Poster of the viewpoints Baix Gaià 1 €
Plan of the municipality 1 € 
Plan of the Baix Gaia Trail 3,5 €
El Catllar flag 17 €
Collectable “Art i Castells” 10 €
ATLES Històric i il·lustrat del Catllar 6 €


El castell, la vila i el terme del Catllar. Segles XII-XVIII, City Hall of El Catllar, 1999, M. M. Fuentes i Gasó. 80€

It is an impressive work of historical research that takes us to our past through a threefold reality: the castle, the village and the municipality (2 volumes):

1st. Vol. 873 p. aims to take us into the historical past of the area and people.

2nd. Vol. 737 p. Documented appendix that provides access to an important number of historically related documents.

El conte de Sant Nicaset. En Joan i en Ramon no s’ho acaben de creure, Cossetània Editions, Valls, 2011, M. Solé-Poy. 10€

Els primers pobladors de la Catalunya meridional.  City Hall of El Catllar,1992, E. Carbonell et alii10€

Història del Baix Gaià. Edat Moderna, Cossetània Editions, 2, Valls, J. Rovira i Gómez. 16€

L’església de Sant Joan Baptista del Catllar. El discret encant de la geometría,  City Hall of El Catllar, 2010, J. Llop Tous. 15€

The book analyses the architectural aspects of the church. It traces and studies the church’s architectural authors: Joan Antoni Rovira and Josep Prat, important figures in the world of architecture of the time, and Joseph Carafa, architect responsible for its execution. The work is a valuable contribution to data regarding the proportions of the initial plan with particular reference to the auric number.

Les terres del Gaià a l’arxiu Albert Bastardes, Montagut Collection, 4, Centro de Estudios del Gaià, 2011. 16€

Hire space

The large castle terrace can be used for civil weddings and / or  social events. For information contact the Council (977653101 or 977653007).