Activitats escolars

I. Visit a medieval castle

Learn what a castle was like, what materials were used for construction, who lived there and discover aspects of everyday medieval life. This visit offers the option of doing it with  worksheets individually adapted for students at different stages of learning.

Aimed at: Upper Primary, Secondary and Vocational Trainees.

Schedule: September to June

Duration: Between 1.30 and 2 hours depending on whether worksheets are used.

Price: 3€ and 3,50€ with worksheets included

II. Who lived in Catllar Castle?

Learn how medieval society was organized. Each student will dress up in one of the costumes of the period and during the visit will become involved with the person’s role.

Aimed at: Beginner and Middle Cycle Primary

Schedule: September to June

Duration: between one and a half and 2 hours

Price: 3€

III. Medieval Fortifications of Baix Gaia

With this visit we propose you discover through a game, what the different Baix Gaia castles were like, where they were located, their characteristics and how they communicated with each other in times of threat or danger.

Aimed at: Upper Primary

Schedule: September to June

Duration: 2 hours (the visit is included)

Price: 3€

VI. The History of Catalonia throught Castle Catllar

The aim of this activity is to discover the natural, social and cultural development while the country’s history, social and political viw from the Castle of Catllar.

Aimed at: Secondary (upper) secondary education

Schedule: June to September

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes / 2 hours

Price: 3€  without notebook i 3,5€ with notebook.

For more information on all our activities for schools, please contact us and we will send the complete activity folder with all the details.

If you want you can also download  the online activity folder DOSSIER D’ACTIVITATS ESCOLARS AL CASTELL DEL CATLLAR